Community Programs

The Community Department of Autism Services Center (ASC) provides services for those individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) who reside in their family homes.

With funding through the West Virginia Title XIX Medicaid Waiver Program, ASC is able to offer much-needed assistance to individuals and their families enabling them to explore community services and options and also improve interactions with family members. 

Programs are tailored to meet the specific needs, goals and interests of each individual and can include training and support in areas such as respite, social skills, daily living skills, personal care, hygiene, and supported employment. Successful programs are designed with input from the family to ensure that the chosen objectives are carried out effectively.

Individuals living in the community who do not qualify for Waiver services may be eligible to receive services from ASC through the use of state funds. These funds provide for staffing needs and other essential services that support and encourage independent living.

ASC’s Community Therapeutic Consultants and Behavior Support Professionals have been trained in the use of Applied Behavior Analysis, Discrete Trial Training, Positive Behavior Support, the Picture Exchange Communication System and Social Stories with state-of-the -art protocols and procedures. ASC has a Discrete Trial Training room specifically designed and outfitted with special audio/visual equipment to record a training session and track an individual’s progress. An added benefit is that a family can be provided with a copy of the training session on a dvd to watch as often as they choose to remind them how to implement a program or follow specific techniques. 

The Positive Behavior Support training curriculum employed by Autism Services Center has been approved by the West Virginia Association for Positive Behavior Support Network. This allows ASC to train and certify employees as Behavior Support Professionals who can design and implement behavior programs. ASC’s standards are aligned with those of the National Association for Positive Behavior Support.

ASC can also employ parents and guardians to work with their children who reside in the family home.