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Registered Nurse

Department: Residential and Community Programs

Direct Supervisor: Registered Nurse Supervisor

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  • Licensed, registered nurse in West Virginia(Prefer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
  • Experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities


Job Description:


The Registered Nurse will:

·         Monitor overall health aspects of clients

·         Maintain detailed client information on past medical history

·         Assist supervisor in keeping an updated medication record of each client

·         Conduct regular health checks for clients.

·         Administer medications

·         Be knowledgeable of psychotropic drugs and train staff on uses and possible side effects

·         Monitor administration and documentation of medications.

·         Be on call for medical emergencies or any health related problems of clients.  

·         Participated in team meetings for clients.

·         Participate in Human Rights Committee meetings and conference calls

·         Maintain a database for Medical Incident Reports (MIR’s) and Critical Med Error Reports (CMER’s) and complete quarterly reports.

·         Complete Annual Nursing Assessments prior to annual team meetings.   

·         Complete Annual Self Medication Administration Assessments.

·         Provide direct and indirect supervision to LPNs and direct support staff.   

·         Attend medical appointments with clients. 

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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Department: Residential and Community Programs
Direct Supervisor: RN Supervisor

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  • Registered LPN in the state of WV
  • Experience with persons who are developmentally disabled is preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license, reliable transportation and vehicle insurance.


Job Description:


The LPN will:

  • Report directly to RN supervisor
  • Administers medications at ICF/MR Group House and other non ICF/MR Homes.
  • Accompany Betsy Broh residents to doctor appointments, emergency rooms, etc. when available.  Oversees Betsy Broh residents 24 hours a day.
  • On call for medical problems pertaining to clients, 24 hours a day.
  • Responsible for paperwork, nurse’s notes, writing and having doctors’ orders signed monthly, keeping residents’ medical books in order – ICF/MR house.
  • Instruct staff in CPR/FA, medications and immunizations required for employment.
  • Aware of and familiar with frequently used psychotropic drugs and instruct staff on uses and possible side effects of same.
  • Serves as Manager/Assistant Manager of Betsy Broh when appointed to such position.


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Direct Support Staff

Department: Residential and Community Programs
Direct Supervisor: Residential or Community Program Manager

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  • At least a High School Diploma or GED
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, insurance and a safety sticker for their car
  • All direct care staff must successfully complete agency training

Job Description:

The Direct Support Staff will:

  • Provide for overall safety and health of the clients.
  • Follow all ASC personnel policies.
  • Work all assigned shifts.
  • Attend mandatory meetings.
  • Implement the daily client schedule that is based upon the individual client IPPs.
  • Implement behavior support programs that are individualized for each client.
  • Provide transportation for clients as needed.
  • Complete all documentation in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Implement Crisis Intervention Procedures as needed.
  • Complete all assigned duties.
  • Guide, teach and assist clients in skill development and community involvement.
  • Use augmentative communication device or other appropriate means of communication.
  • Participate in community activities with clients and teach appropriate social interaction.
  • Represent ASC appropriately while in the community during work hours.
  • Be role models of acceptable behaviors for all clients.
  • Reasonably react to crises and incidents.
  • Provide CPR and First Aid, when needed.
  • Follow through with all job requirements and instructions given by a supervisor.
  • Complete other duties as assigned by a supervisor.
  • Administer medications to clients.


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